mew’s crown ribbon dress.

mew’s crown ribbon dress.

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my mew crown ribbon jsk arrived in the mail today!! i honestly could not be happier with this dress— bought it off the sales comm and it’s flawless. just. a beautiful dress through and through. (: fits like a glove too, and that’s always nice!

three jsks i would die for right now…

1.) innocent world’s grazia crown in blue
2.) lief’s cafe aster in blue
3.) lief’s sacred night in white



Mary Magdalene in wine, part 1.

(can you tell that wine is the major color in my lolita?)

Left to right, top to bottom: Albertine JSK, Appolonia JSK, Audrey OP, Caldina Frill JSK, Carlotta OP, Elodie Doll JSK, Margaret JSK, Mary Lou OP, Richelie JSK.